Dr. Alaa El Husseini October 21, 1962 - December 23, 2007
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Michael, Lasker, Friend
I remember our international sailboat on the San Francisco Bay. I'm saddened to hear we lost one of our crewmembers. Right now I imagine you have your own boat which is much nicer and are sailing on a lot warmer water!

Dr. Rawat, a researcher from India
Dr. Ala, may your soul rest in peace. While persuing my research on protein acylation, I came across with your work which is outstanding and groundbreaking in a sense that it has fueled the research interest in this field. Your work has contributed immensely to the understanding of neuronal growth and synaptic plasticity. I will always miss your insights which you shared with the world through your papers. You will always be remembered as a brilliant star in the scientific community..

Mona, Hallaq, Friend
Rest in peace... You are greatly missed!

Dr. Alaa El husseini, an angel that was sent from above. I miss every second you were around, i miss the memorable times we shared, listening to music, going out for food, and just your company in general. Miss you from the bottom of my heart, cant stop thinking about you, will never forget you. love and miss you always! Rest in Paradise.

Loo Wang, Alaa's student
Dear Alaa, you are my teacher, because you let me know a lot of things about neurobiology from your papers. Thank you..

Firas Albazaz, Alaa's Friend
You were always a good friend and great example for all of us with your success and great accomplishment. We all miss you..

Hatem Abou Hassan, Alaa's Friend
Allaa wasn't just a friend, his warm smile that always been something to remember, he wasn't just an ordinary person, he was a living human who defined the purity in our human life. I can't ignore his name, this name is one of the few names that I will never forget... we played soccer, we skied together we swam together we cheered together... he was a true person by all means..and he will remain the person of the year..every year!! you still between us Alaa!.

Sawsan Salihi, Aida's Friend
We are so proud of all the accomplishments that were done by you in such a short time. All the work you have done helped you stay alive in our hearts and memories forever.

Lama Ghazaoui, Alaa's Neice
Hola Amigo, Aladino. Everyday I wake up hoping that this is only a bad dream and I will get to see you again. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being a brother and a friend. It is a privilege that I have so much memories with you that keeps me going through my days. I miss you so much that no words can describe. You are in my heart day & night. Love.

Yarah Wafa, Alaa's Neice
i feel bad for my self coz i didnt meet my uncle, i only talked to him on the phone like once a year, but from what i've heared about him i felt like my uncle is the most amazing person in the whole universe , I'm proud that my uncle is ALAA AL-DEEN ELHUSSIENI!!! i really wanted 2 meet him soo much whish u from my heart that you are in a much better place with ur parents!!! have fun up there.

Iyad El Husseini, Alaa's Nephew
I had the honor to have you as my uncle. Alaa you were an amazing person with a heart full of kindness. I miss you and hope that you are in a better place. May Allah the most merciful and compassionate rest your soul and gather us with you in Heaven. Ameen.

AfafEl- Husseini, Alaa's Sister
I hope in this way we can help to make alaa's name be alive forever. And hope that he will be positioned up with prophets, as God promised good sceintests. and believe me, he is not only good as scientest also in his behavior with everybody met him or knew him , his like agood midicine for the disperate and his smile will not be forgotten.

Sadaf Hivand, Alaa's friend
Dear Alaa you will be always in my heart


Aida El-Husseini, Alaa's Sister
My beloved Brother, son and friend Alaa. I miss you like crazy everywhere I go. Everyday passes by, I miss you more. You are always in my heart. Love, Aida

Rami Ghazoui, Alaa's Nephew
Alaa, my best friend, my tennis partner, ski buddy and much more, life is not the same without you in it!!